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SCEL transfers $10.9 million to the Education Fund

10/17/2002 12:00:00 AM

Columbia, SC: The South Carolina Education Lottery (SCEL) is pleased to announce that $10.9 million dollars was transferred to the State Treasury for the Education Lottery Account.

To date, the SCEL has transferred over 112 million dollars to the Education Fund.

$148,410 dollars of unclaimed prize money was also transferred to the State Treasury. This money, as required by the Education Lottery Act, will be used to purchase new school buses as well as funding for programs relating to gambling addiction.

The Education Lottery Act requires that SCEL make a monthly transfer of lottery proceeds to the State Treasurer.

Since January 2002, the SCEL has returned over $112 million dollars to the State of South Carolina’s Lottery Education Fund. All of SCEL’s net proceeds go to pay for specific educational programs, including South Carolina’s HOPE, LIFE, Palmetto Fellows, National Guard and 2 year institution’s scholarship programs. For a complete listing of programs funded by lottery dollars, please visit our website:

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