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Retailer FAQs


When/how do packs settle?
Packs are settled when either 80 percent of low‑tier winning tickets have been redeemed or sixty (60) days after activation, whichever comes first. You are only invoiced for a pack when a pack has settled.

When should I have funds available for the ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction?
We advise retailers to have funds deposited and available in their financial institution on Tuesdays before 2 p.m. for the ACH transaction.

When does the ACH transaction occur?
The ACH transaction occurs each Wednesday. One attempt is made to sweep some time between 12:01 a.m. and 12 midnight.

What should I do if a non-sufficient funds (NSF) notice occurs from my financial institution?
Contact the SCEL Finance Department immediately at (866) 737-7235, option 3.

What is the Lottery’s accounting period?
Answer: From Sunday to Saturday.

Should I make a deposit in the Lottery’s account each week?
Answer: You must have deposited in your EFT Sweep Account at least the Total Due Amount for the previous week as stated in your weekly invoice, plus any fee that your bank may charge your account. SCEL will sweep your account each Wednesday.

How many non-sufficient funds/other non-sweep notifications may occur before my license is revoked by the Lottery?
SCEL will revoke a retailer’s license after four (4) non‑sufficient funds letters in any 12‑month period.

How do I get credit for misprinted tickets?
Follow the instructions on the RETAILER CREDIT FORM and mail it, along with the ticket, to:  SCEL, ATTN. Finance Department, P.O. Box 11949, Columbia, SC 29211-1949.

Where can I get these forms?
From your Marketing Sales Representative (MSR) or on this website under the Retailers tab. Note: Keep a pad of forms on hand.

What happens if I forget to deface a winning ticket that I redeemed?
Winning tickets can be redeemed again for cash at other retailer locations, so it is very important that you retrieve and destroy tickets that you have redeemed. You will not be given credit for a ticket if it is cashed at another location. The retailer that has cashed and defaced the winning ticket will get credit for redeeming it.

What is the proper way to deface a winning ticket after it has been redeemed?
Lottery retailers must retrieve and destroy all winning tickets they redeem to avoid having a winning ticket cashed at another retailer location.  For online winning tickets, the correct way to deface a winning ticket is to tear the ticket in half.  Instant tickets may be torn in half or a retailer can punch out the bar code located on the front of the winning ticket.

Why did I not get a Form 1099-MISC?
You will not receive a Form 1099-MISC if your business is registered as a corporation. Corporate retailers may request a Commission Information Report of total commissions if you or your accountant have not recorded or maintained your terminal’s invoice records.

Why do I not have my sales commission in my account?
SCEL deducts your sales commission from the amount due from your weekly invoice each week. We do not deposit commissions into your accounts.

Why is my weekly invoice sometimes a different amount when I receive it on my terminal on Sunday morning, from what I print out later that day or another day in the week?
Answer: The download process sometimes is not completed by the time your invoice has printed out because this is an automated process. If this occurs, you will know that the invoice is incorrect when there are no online sales commissions and no online service charges. It is advised that you rerun the invoice later Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. Otherwise, please contact the Finance Department at (866) 737-7235, option 3.

Why was I charged additional fees for insufficient funds, after I deposited the correct amount due?
Our bank charges SCEL fees for insufficient funds and wire fees. These fees are incurred when the retailer has not deposited sufficient funds in time for the ACH sweep. Timely deposits are the responsibility of the retailer. Also, you may incur additional fines by the Lottery as per your contract for multiple non-sufficient funds (NSF) letters. Please refer to your contract for more information or contact the SCEL Finance Department at (866) 737-7235, option 3.

How do I reprint my invoice from my terminal?
Touch "Online Functions" on the Home Screen. The "Reports" menu displays. Select "Weekly Invoice".

How do I receive a manifest delivery into the terminal?
Touch "Instant Functions", then touch "Receive Shipment". Scan the Manifest Barcodes using the Barcode Scanner; or use the "numeric keypad" to manually enter the Order Number and touch "Send". A Receive Shipment receipt prints, and a confirmation message displays in the Status Bar at the top of the screen.

How do I activate a pack?
Touch "Instant Functions", then touch "Activate Pack(s)". Scan the Ticket Barcode using the Barcode Scanner; or use the "numeric keypad" to manually enter the Game and Pack Number. Touch "Send". An "Activate Packs" receipt prints, and a confirmation message displays. Touch "Ok". You must sign on to the terminal using your Manager Pass Number.

How do I get credit for returned packs?
Your MSR will return any full and partial packs for credit. However, there is no credit for the return of full, non-activated packs because you were never charged for the pack. Please remember how packs are settled. A full, non-activated pack will be returned by the MSR settling the pack and returning it to SCEL. You will receive credit for partial packs once they have been returned.

How do I get credit for partial packs returned?
You can only return activated partial packs for credit when an instant ticket is ending and can no longer be sold; however, in cases of change of ownership, termination of a retailer, or when a retailer’s license is revoked, all ticket inventory, including partial packs, must be returned to the Lottery.  Credit will be given for the partial packs.

What should I do if I forget to make my deposit or am late in making my deposit to my lottery account?
Call the retailer line at (866) 737-7235, select option 3. The accountant for your region will give you instructions on how to deposit or wire the funds to the SC Education Lottery’s bank account.

If I do not understand how my terminal works, how to pull reports, or how to use the inventory procedure, how can I receive additional training?
Phone your MSR and make an appointment. Establish a time when you will be available to receive needed training or clarification from the MSR.

When must today’s detailed transaction report be printed?
Today’s detail transactions report must be printed immediately to resolve any question regarding a current transaction and should be printed at the end of each day for your records. The current day’s details will not be on the next day’s report. On the following day, only totals for any past day will be available.

Whom do I contact when I have Missing Packs in my ticket shipment?
Contact the SCEL Security Department at 737-2854 (Columbia Area) or 1-866-269-5668 (toll-free).

Whom do I contact when I have Extra Packs in my ticket shipment?
Call 737-2854 (Columbia Area) or 1-866-269-5668 (toll-free).


Do I have to renew my lottery license?
Yes, lottery licenses must be renewed annually.

How do I renew my lottery license?
You will be sent your renewal application at least sixty (60) days prior to the expiration date. You will be required to complete the renewal application and return it to SCEL immediately. Your renewal application will be required to go through the same statutory checks as your business did during initial licensure such as South Carolina tax compliancy check on the entity and criminal background checks on all the owners and operational managers of the company.

Is there a fee for renewing my lottery license?
Yes, there will be a fee electronically drafted from your account upon receipt of your renewal. The fee drafted for a retailer with an online terminal (meaning the ability to sell Powerball® and other “number” games) will be $135.

What are some of the justifications for the Executive Director to cancel, revoke, suspend, terminate, or deny the renewal of a license?
Some of the justifications include: (1) selling a ticket at a price greater than that authorized by SCEL; (2) selling a lottery ticket to a person under 18 years of age; (3) accepting anything other than cash for a lottery ticket; (4) transferring ticket stock without consent of SCEL; (5) selling lottery tickets at a location that is not on the license certificate; (6) making material misrepresentation on an applicant’s application for licensure; (7) failing to properly notify, report, or settle accounts with SCEL regarding lottery tickets; (8) failing to display license and display POS (Point of Sale) material; (9) failing to report a conviction of any felony or a crime related to gambling during the term of the license; (10) failing to inform SCEL within ten (10) days of the addition of “new owners” or a sales of all or a portion of your business; (11) business engaging solely in the sale of lottery products; (12) business earning more than 60 percent of gross revenues from the sale of lottery tickets; and (13) business is ineligible pursuant to the Education Lottery Act or regulations or rules of SCEL.

I've purchased a store that currently sells lottery products.  Can I sell under their license?
No, an SCEL retailer license is NOT transferable and lottery game tickets may only be sold by the retailer named on the license or his employee(s) or agent(s).

What do I do if my business has changed or is changing ownership?
 Your legal authority to sell SCEL products ends on the effective date of the sale of your retail location and/or your business.  Failure to notify SCEL as required in your retailer contract may impact your ability to sell SCEL products in the future and/or impact SCEL retailer licenses you may hold for other retail outlets.  First, you are required to notify SCEL immediately that the licensed owner has sold/no longer owns the business. Next, the new owner is required to complete an application accompanied by a $210 fee and undergo the required statutory checks to become a licensed retailer. If the new owner meets approval, every attempt will be made to minimize terminal downtime during the change of ownership transition at the specified location.

How long does it take to process a change of ownership?
The Licensing Division refrains from giving time frame estimates due to unforeseeable circumstances that may occur as each application is processed. If the new owner submits the application in a timely manner and all information has been completed correctly, every attempt will be made to process the paperwork as expeditiously as possible. For change of ownership applications, a Bill of Sale and/or a lease agreement must be received before a new license will be issued.

Where can I get an application?
You may download an application from the Licensing Division of this site or you can simply call us at 803-737-2091 (in Columbia) or toll-free at 1-866-737-7235, option 4 and have one sent to you.

How do I add another location/store as a lottery retailer?
To add another location, you will be required to complete an application for each store you would like to add. Each SCEL retail outlet must be issued a license specifically designated for that location. This application will then go through the required statutory checks. If approved, your information will be forwarded to our online gaming vendor for terminal installation and your Marketing Sales Representative (MSR) will contact you to set up the new store.

How do I change my lottery banking information?
The owner must simply complete a new EFT authorization form. That form can be downloaded from this website under the Retailer Tab or you can simply call us at 803-737-2091 (in Columbia) or toll‑free at 1-866-737-7235, option 3, for Retailer Accounting and have one faxed or emailed to you. This form must be completed and sent in to the EFT Processor via email to You may fax it in to 803-737-0047 or mail the original copy to:
South Carolina Education Lottery
Attention:  EFT Processor
P.O. Box 11949
Columbia S.C. 29211-1949
In addition, for active retailers, when you submit the EFT Form to change banks, the amount due to the Lottery will draft from the new bank account on the following Wednesday.

I still have questions, what should I do?
If you still have questions regarding our Licensing Services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 803-737-2091 (in Columbia) or toll‑free at 1-866-737-7235, option 4.

SCEL Licensing Division General Contact Information
Street Address:
South Carolina Education Lottery
Licensing Division
1333 Main St., 4th Floor
Columbia, SC  29201

Mailing Address:
South Carolina Education Lottery
Licensing Division
P.O. Box 11949
Columbia, SC  29211-1949

803-737-2091 (Headquarters)
866-737-7235 (Toll-free), option 4
803-737-2316 (Fax)


When is the best time to let SCEL know that I plan to buy or sell a store(s)?
Because the application process can take a few weeks, you should inform the Lottery as soon as you make the decision to buy or sell.  When informed in a timely manner, every attempt is made to switch ownership seamlessly to avoid loss of lottery sales at the location(s).  Please note that any information regarding the sale and/or purchase of stores will be kept confidential.

How does SCEL’s Retailer Selling Bonus work?
 This program was established to reward store personnel for their efforts. A 1 percent incentive is given to any retailer who sells a winning ticket when the prize is valued at $10,000 or more AND the ticket is redeemed.  The Retailers Selling Bonus is capped at $50,000!

Why do I have to renew my license every year?
In order to be a lottery vendor for SCEL, certain criteria must be met. These qualifications must be complied with each year. SCEL is responsible for ensuring its vendors are compliant each year, and the renewal process is the way that’s accomplished.

Why can’t I use terminal paper from one of my other stores?
Each roll of terminal paper is assigned to a particular retailer just as your instant tickets are. Each roll of terminal paper contains serial numbers for security purposes and needs to be verified in the event of a jackpot win.

How can I request to have a lottery promotion with a radio remote at my store?
Call your Marketing Sales Representative (MSR), and he/she will complete a retailer request form and submit it to our Promotions Division. When providing radio remotes, lottery retailers are asked to use this opportunity to not only partner with SCEL but to get other vendors involved as well.

Q: How much money should I have on hand to pay out winners?
Although we ask our retailers to pay out tickets up to and including $500, we realize instances may arise where there is not enough money on hand to pay a winner.  A retailer has several options, depending on whether the winning ticket has been VALIDATED OR NOT. If the ticket HAS BEEN VALIDATED, offer the winner payment by check or money order. If a player comes in with a winning ticket which HAS NOT BEEN VALIDATED, refer the winner to the Columbia Claims Center or nearby lottery retailer. Keep in mind, however, that customers often purchase more tickets or buy other items from you with their winnings. Winnings over $100,000 must be claimed in person at the Columbia Claims Center. All prizes of $100,000 or less can be redeemed by mail or at the Columbia Claims Center.

Q: Do I have to payout prizes in cash?
A: No. Prizes may be paid by cash, and if necessary for large prizes up to $500, check or money order.

Q: Do I get extra commission on selling a winning ticket or when I payout on a winning ticket?
A: No. Retailers earn 7 percent sales commission on a ticket at the time the ticket is purchased. This commission is among the highest offered by a lottery in the United States. We do offer a retailer commission to retailers who sell large winning tickets that are redeemed. Ask your MSR for more details.

Q: Can a customer use a credit card, check, or an ATM card to purchase lottery tickets?
A: No. All lottery ticket purchases MUST be made with CASH.

Q: You didn't answer my question. Now what do I do?
A: If you have other questions (related to the SCEL), please ask your Marketing Sales Representative (MSR) or call toll-free 1-866-736-9819 during regular business hours, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  In Columbia, please call 737-2002.