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Upstate Lottery Winner Takes the Rest of the Day Off

5/7/2021 3:20:33 PM

COLUMBIA, SC (May 10, 2021) – An Upstate man was at work when he won $125,000 playing the South Carolina Education Lottery. He took the rest of the day off.

“I was right back to work the next day,” he told lottery officials, who caught up with him after cashing in his winning ticket.

He says winning was the craziest thing. He was scratching the $5 ticket he’d bought at the Southern Pride Convenience LLC on W. Henry St. in Spartanburg when someone at work told him he wasn’t going to win.

“One day I’m going to win,” he responded.

Then he looked down at his ticket and announced, “Today is the day.”

As for his plans, he says he is going to invest in a business.

The Spartanburg player overcame odds of 1 in 600,000 to win $125,000 in the X The Money game. One top prize remains in the game.

Southern Pride Convenience LLC in Spartanburg received a commission of $1,250 for selling the claimed ticket.

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