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Lottery receives International Award

8/23/2002 12:00:00 AM

Miami, Fla.: The South Carolina Education Lottery (SCEL) was awarded some of the highest honors in the lottery industry.

Earlier this month, Public Gaming Research Institute (PRGI) held the International Lottery Expo in Miami, Florida. At the expo, SCEL’s Executive Director Ernie Passailaigue, accepted two awards on behalf of the SCEL: The Outstanding Achievement Award and an Excellence in Advertising Award.

“I am indeed honored,” said Passailaigue. “I accepted this achievement award on behalf of our staff who worked extremely hard this past year. It’s great to be recognized by your peers.”

The Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to Passailaigue for his leadership in starting and building our state’s new lottery. “While at the same time carefully guarding the integrity of the Lottery, you have a very difficult job and yet you do it well,” said Duane Burke, PRIG Executive Director. “Congratulations on this well deserved award.”

As a part of the educational program at the Expo, the SCEL also submitted samples of lottery commercials produced during the launch of the South Carolina Lottery. As recognition, PRGI presented the SCEL with the Excellence in Advertising Award. The SCEL’s advertising agency is Newman Saylor and Gregory, headquartered in Columbia.

Since January 2002, the SCEL has returned over $92 million dollars to the State of South Carolina’s Lottery Education Fund. All of SCEL’s net proceeds go to pay for specific educational programs, including South Carolina’s HOPE, LIFE, Palmetto Fellows, National Guard and 2 year institution’s scholarship programs. For a complete listing of programs funded by lottery dollars, please visit our website:

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