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Soldier gets lucky second time around

7/29/2002 12:00:00 AM

Irmo, SC: There is nothing that can beat the heat in South Carolina, unless you’re Richard Rodriguez. On July 25, 2002, the South Carolina Education Lottery (SCEL) awarded Rodriguez $5,000 for his winnings in the instant ticket, BBQ Bucks.

Born and raised in Texas, Rodriguez transferred to South Carolina, by way of the United States Army. He works as an Army Recruiter in Columbia.

“I walked into the store and saw a new ticket (BBQ Bucks), so I told the clerk to give me two of them. I didn’t win anything on the first one.” But the second ticket proved to be a winner.

What does Rodriguez plan to do with his winnings? “I’m just gonna spend it,” he said. “I’m planning to take my two children back-to-school shopping and probably take a mini-vacation to Atlanta.”

Rodriguez won after purchasing the ticket from the Pitt Stop #16 at 5019 Augusta Road in Lexington.

In its first six months, the SCEL has returned over $80 million dollars to the state of South Carolina for education. All SCEL profits go to pay for specific educational programs. These include South Carolina’s HOPE, LIFE, Palmetto Fellows, National Guard scholarship programs; Lottery Tuition Assistance for 2 year programs within the state’s university system; a wide range of technical upgrades for state colleges and universities; school buses; local libraries and gambling addiction.

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