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Players' Club Rewards

Players can join the Lottery’s Players’ Club to participate in the REWARDS program. It’s free to join. With REWARDS, players can enter all of their lottery tickets, winning and non-winning scratch-offs and draw games, using the Lottery’s app or website to earn "SCEL COIN SCEL Coin Image." Redeem your “SCEL COIN SCEL Coin Image to enter weekly, monthly and quarterly drawings for a chance to win cash and other fun prizes. Click here to login and redeem "SCEL COIN SCEL Coin Image."

When you click the link below, you may need to sign-in again to enter REWARDS.


Scroll down on this page and click the image links to visit the second-chance promotion pages and to learn more about each game.

The Following Promotions Have Ended

Powerball NASCAR Promotion Link Link
$1,000,000 Riches Second-Chance Promotion Link