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1/6/2004 11:00:00 PM

Columbia, SC: This morning the South Carolina Education Lottery (SCEL) held press conferences across the state celebrating the second-year anniversary. As part of the celebration, the SCEL announced the accomplishments of the past year and introduced the second phase of its beneficiary campaign that showcases the faces of the SCEL.

“This is once of the most successful lotteries in the industry,” said Moffatt Burriss, a SCEL Commissioner. “We want people to play for fun and play for education.”

Here are some quick facts and statistics from January 7, 2002 to January 6, 2004:

- The total sales for the SCEL are more than $1.5 billion.
- Lottery winners won more than $889 million in prizes (total does not including the two jackpot winnings).
- The state of SC has collected more than $8.5 million in taxes and debt set-off from lottery winnings.
- The SCEL transferred more than $429 million to the Education Lottery Account. Of that amount $14.9 million represents unclaimed prize money.
- The lottery launched its four-digit game, Pick 4.
- Two Powerball winners in one year. The Wilsons became South Carolina’s first Powerball jackpot winners. They won $88.7 million in May 2003. And of course, the Shues won $110 million on New Year’s Eve!
- Since January 2002, lottery players were paid nearly $900 million in winnings. This total does not include the two Powerball jackpot winnings.
- Carolina 5 players now have the chance to win twice a week.
- SCEL along with its network of 3,500 retailers partnered with the SLED and AMBER Alert.

- To help keep litter off South Carolina roadways and walkways, the SCEL held second chances for lottery players to win, the Lottery offered “Second-Chance Drawing” promotions with considerable prizes.
- The Powerball Drawing was held LIVE at the State Fair in Columbia in October 2003.
- The lottery added three new draw partners: WWWB in Rock Hill, Fox Carolina in Greenville, and News 12 in Aiken.

The SCEL players can look forward to many more exciting new games and promotions this coming year:

- An instant ticket along with statewide promotions to highlight the state’s southern flavor… Shrimp and Grits will launch in February 2004.
- Carolina 5 will move to our evening draw time, three days a week.
- There will be a summer promotion that is scheduled to culminate at the state fair.
- At least three new instant tickets each month.
- And of course, much, much more.

The SCEL also launched its lottery jingle, “Just Plain Fun”, and a new members only area of its website, “The Lottery Insider,” which is designed for people who can opt in for the SCEL’s inside scoop, special promotions, give-a-ways, and more. The SCEL’s website receives an average of 35 million hits a month.