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Sign it NOW! After purchasing tickets, please SIGN the back of the ticket legibly. Signing the ticket helps to protect you in the event the ticket is stolen or misplaced.

1 At authorized lottery retailers

Any lottery winnings up to and including $500 can be redeemed at any authorized lottery retailer. Players are encouraged to sign tickets before presenting the ticket for validation. Retailers can payout in cash, store check, money order, or a combination of those three.

2 By mail

Winnings of $100,000 or less may be redeemed by mail.

The back of the winning ticket must be signed. Winnings in excess of $500 must be accompanied by an official lottery claim form (.pdf) available at Claim forms are also available at any authorized South Carolina Education Lottery retailer. A copy of a picture identification card (driver’s license, state or military I.D., or passport) is required for all winnings over $500.

To claim winnings of $100,000 or less via mail, please send in your ticket to the following address:

SC Education Lottery
P.O. Box 11039
Columbia, SC 29211-1039

The risk of mailing tickets remains with the player. Registered mail is recommended. Winnings over $100,000 must be claimed in person at the Columbia Claims Center. Having a photocopy of a winning ticket will provide a record if the ticket is lost in the mail or misplaced.

3 At the Columbia Claims Center

Any winning ticket may be redeemed at the Columbia Claims Center. For winnings up to and including $500, please sign the ticket back. For winning amounts in excess of $500, players must provide: (1) a completed claim form; (2) a copy of picture identification (driver’s license, state or military I.D., or passport); and (3) a signature on the winning ticket. Winning tickets in excess of $100,000 must be brought in person to the Columbia Claims Center for redemption.

Please note, depending on the amount of your winnings, SCEL will withhold South Carolina taxes and federal tax laws apply. Players have 90 days after the official end of a scratch-off game to redeem a ticket. Pick 3, Pick 4, Palmetto Cash 5, Lucky for Life®, Mega Millions® and Powerball® tickets can be redeemed up to 180 days after the draw date printed on the ticket.

The Columbia Claims Center is open from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. (Except for holidays) Players should arrive before 4 p.m. to allow time for verification.

January 1—New Year’s Day
Last Monday in May—National Memorial Day
July 4—Independence Day
First Monday in September—Labor Day
National Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after
December 24—Christmas Eve
December 25—Christmas Day (No Midday drawing)
December 26—The Day after Christmas

Whenever any of these fall on Sunday, the Monday following is prescribed, and whenever any of these fall on Saturday, the preceding Friday is prescribed.

Our Columbia Claims Center is located at:
Columbia Claims Center
1309 Assembly Street
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: 803-253-4004