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Play Responsibly...Know the Odds

Lottery winners often say they had a feeling their ticket was going to be a winner. Maybe you have said the same to yourself.

The reality is, there is no way to predict the outcome of a lottery game. Not knowing the odds hinders players from making informed, responsible entertainment choices. Be an informed player and "Play Responsibly" by knowing the odds for all the games you play. The South Carolina Education Lottery posts odds information on our website at At your lottery retailer, the online game play slips feature the odds as does the ticket dispenser near the point of purchase. For instant "scratch-off" tickets, look for the rings added to the side of the retailer's play station.

The South Carolina Education Lottery's games are designed to be fun and entertaining. When the game odds no longer matter and the fun is gone, when playing begins to interfere with family, friends, or work, it is time to consider seeking help.

Know your odds; they are the same every time you play.

Please remember to Have Fun, Play Smart, Play Responsibly.


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