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The Lottery’s Clean$weep Second-Chance Promotion has ended and will not be renewed for another year. We’re making way for a new and exciting opportunity for players coming this fall. We can’t wait to tell you more about this fun, new way to win. Stay tuned.

Q: What is Clean$weep?
A: Clean$weep is a joint venture between SCEL and PalmettoPride designed to help control the state's litter problem. Clean$weep provides SCEL players the opportunity to have fun while taking action against litter. To enter, players mail in ten (10) non-winning instant tickets from any lottery game in any combination of price points in a letter-sized or business-sized envelope. One hundred (100) entries are selected each month to win fifty ($50.00) dollars. All entries received, but not chosen, are recycled. Click here, for more information on Clean$weep.

Q: Why does SCEL collect non-winning tickets and hold a drawing?
A: The legislation setting up the Lottery contained language supporting the formation of a game to encourage players to save and collect non-winning tickets with the ultimate aim of stopping lottery tickets from becoming litter.
Section 59-150-70(F) of the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as amended, states:

"(F) If the board submits a regulation for a lottery game resulting in an instant winner, the board must consider instituting an additional lottery game that makes use of the nonwinning instant tickets on a monthly or other periodic basis, so as to encourage nonwinners to accumulate their tickets instead of disposing of them separately and creating unsightly litter."  The first Clean$weep promotion launched on July 8, 2003, and Clean$weep has been held annually since.

To view the Official Rules for the Clean$weep second-chance promotion, click here.


Questions about Clean$weep Entries


Q: How many times can I enter a Clean$weep drawing?
A: There is no limit to the number of Clean$weep entries you may submit. Some players send in multiple entries for a single monthly drawing. With multiple entries accepted, players can have their names appear on the winners' list multiple times.

Q: If a person sends in multiple entries, how many times can the same person win in a single month?
A: There is no limit to the number of times a person can win in a monthly drawing.

Q: To save postage, can I mail in multiples of 10 tickets in the same envelope?
A: Each envelope constitutes one entry only. [See paragraph 2 under Section C., How to Enter, Number 3., of the Official Rules.]

Q: Can I submit entries online or drop my entries off at the Columbia Claims Center?
A: No. All Clean$weep entries must be mailed to the Clean$weep Promotion address by the draw deadlines listed on our website. Click here, for the address and to view entry deadlines. [See Section C., How to Enter, Number 5. and Section D., Second-Chance Promotion Draw Schedule of the Official Rules.]

Q: Can I submit online tickets instead of instant (scratch) tickets?
A: No, only instant (scratch) tickets are accepted in the Clean$weep promotion. [See Section C., How To Enter, Numbers 2. and 3. of the Official Rules.]

Q: Can I fold my non-winning tickets so all 10 will fit in a single envelope?
A: Yes. Players may fold tickets. However, if tickets are cut or torn, the entire ticket must be included in the entry envelope to be considered a valid entry.

Q: How old must a person be to enter the Clean$weep promotion?
A: An entrant must be eighteen (18) years old to enter the Clean$weep promotion. [See Section C., How to Enter, Number 1. of the Official Rules.]


Questions about Clean$weep Drawings and Results


Q: How are the Clean$weep drawings conducted?
A: The Clean$weep drawing is conducted by SCEL's Security Department. Entries received are divided into numbered storage containers. Storage containers are randomly selected to adequately fill the draw container one time. Security staff draws 100 entries, not including alternates and entries that are disqualified. At least 10 alternates are drawn and, if needed, an alternate shall replace a disqualified entry in the order that the alternates were drawn. The remaining entries received for that draw, but not chosen, are recycled. [See Section D., Second-Chance Promotion Draw Schedule, of the Official Rules.]

Q: Following a drawing, how long does it take for winners' names to be posted on the website?
A: The Lottery's Security Department conducts the Clean$weep drawing and verifies the results. The results are usually posted on the website within two (2) days, but may take up to a week. [See Section E., Qualifications and Validation of the Official Rules.]

Q: How are Clean$weep winners contacted?
A: Checks are mailed to the address printed on the ticket back of the selected winning entries. Winners are not contacted by phone or email. If a check is returned, an alternate is chosen to ensure there are 100 winners each month. [See Section E., Qualification and Validation, Number 1. and Number 5. of the Official Rules.]

Q: What are the odds of having my Clean$weep entries selected?
A: The odds of being selected in a draw depend upon the number of entries submitted for each drawing. Clean$weep averages of 20,000 entries a month.


Question About Using Internet Entries of Instant Tickets for Other Second-Chance Drawings to Enter Clean$weep


Q: I have entered my non-winning tickets online in another SCEL second-chance promotion. Do I need to hold on to the original instant tickets or may I enter them in the Clean$weep drawing?
A: With the exception of Clean$weep, the majority of SCEL's second-chance promotions allow for players to enter non-winning tickets either online or by U.S. mail. SCEL will not require you to show your tickets entered online; however, you may want to keep a record of tickets entered online in case you accidently delete an entry when registering. The physical ticket entered online for another promotion may be used for the Clean$weep Promotion. Please note however, an instant ticket registered as an online entry is not eligible to be mailed in for the same promotion. Entries that are found to have been mailed in and also submitted on the Internet for the same promotion will be disqualified.