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More than $30 Million in Prizes in SCEL’s new game

Columbia, SC: South Carolina Education Lottery (SCEL) launches February’s newest instant games: Best of 3 ($1), 10 Times Lucky ($2), GREEN $tuff ($2), and Instant Carolina 5 ($5). All prizes combined, players could win up to $30 million in cash prizes.

Each $1 Best of 3 ticket offers a top prize of $999 instantly. Approximate odds of winning a prize are 1:4.38. To play Best of 3, the player must scratch the entire blue and green play area that features the dollar symbol. Get 3 “3’s” in a tic-tac-toe style and win the prize indicated for that line. There are more than $2 million in prizes to be won.

The SCEL is also introducing two $2 tickets. 10 Times Lucky features a top prize of $10,000, and GREEN $tuff’s top prize is $15,000.

In 10 Times Lucky, the player must match any of “your numbers” to either of the “winning numbers” to win the prize shown for that number. If you win, scratch the BONUS area. If a number is revealed in the BONUS area, a player can multiply his/her total winnings by that number. Players can win up to 10 times on a ticket. More than $4 million are in the prize pool.

To play GREEN $tuff, the player must get three “X’s” in any row, column, or diagonal within the same game to win the prize shown in the box. There are more than $4 million in the GREEN $tuff prize pool.

Carolina 5 is moving to an instant ticket. Players can still win $100,000 TAXES PAID! Carolina 5 is SCEL’s newest $5 ticket. Players can match any of “your numbers” to any of the “winning numbers” to win the prize shown for that number! If a player finds a “C5” symbol, he/she wins, all 15 prizes shown! Palmetto Cash 5 will replace Carolina 5 as an online game. Palmetto Cash 5 launches on February 12th.

Prizes up to $500 may be redeemed at any SCEL lottery retail location. Prizes $501 to $25,000 may be redeemed at any of the SCEL regional offices.

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