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What? The Power Play® option is available to all Powerball® players. The Power Play® is an enhancement of the already popular Powerball® game that costs an additional $1 per play and will potentially increase the cash prize payout you may win, up to five times the original amount (excluding the jackpot).

How? To select the Power Play® option, simply mark the “POWER PLAY®” box on your playslip or ask the lottery retailer to Power Up your Quick Pick with Power Play®.

Where? Powerball® and the Power Play® option are available at all licensed South Carolina Education Lottery (SCEL) retailers that offer on-line numbers games.

WHY? For just one dollar extra per play, you could potentially multiply your cash prize (excluding the jackpot) by five times the original payout!

For each Powerball® drawing, a spinning wheel with 15 slots numbered 2 through 5 (the wheel features three of each “2’s”, “3’s”, “4’s” and six “5’s”) is spun to select the Power Play® number.

For players who “Powered Up” and matched any of the Powerball® winning numbers in a particular drawing, the standard cash prize would be multiplied by that Power Play® number.

Take for example a player who “Powered Up” and matched three of the Powerball® winning numbers: The original prize would be $7. Now let’s say the Power Play® number for the drawing is 5. That means the players $7 prize would be multiplied 5 times for a total of $35!

Now imagine if that same player had matched all five white ball numbers—the $100,000 prize would now be multiplied 5 times for a payout of $500,000!

“Have fun. Play Smart. Play Responsibly.”

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