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Step 1: Visit any of the licensed South Carolina Education Lottery (SCEL) retail locations that currently carry on-line numbers games such as Pick 3 and Carolina 5 to play Powerball®.

Step 2: Prior to purchasing a Powerball® ticket, decide whether or not you would like to select the Power Play® option. For more information, see “Why Power Up?” fact sheet.

Step 3: There are three methods of Powerball® play, but remember, YOU CAN NOT CANCEL A POWERBALL® TICKET AFTER IT HAS BEEN PRINTED.

Quick Pick:You allow the computer to randomly select your numbers

Playslip:You choose your own numbers

Advance Play:This option allows players to play a single drawing up to 10 drawings in advance; players may choose their own numbers or Quick Pick.

Step 4: Tune in to any of the television stations that broadcast the SCEL’s official drawings to see if you match any of the first or second group of numbers.

Step 5: Collecting your prize:
• If you match any of the first or second group of numbers to win a cash prize, you should return to any licensed Lottery retailer with the winning ticket. Depending on the prize amount, you will file a claim for your prize and/or collect your winnings from the retailer. Retailers are authorized to pay winners up to $500. Cash prizes over $500 will be process by the SCEL.

• All high tier winners over $25,000 (including the Powerball® jackpot) must be claimed at the Columbia Claims Center. Prizes under $25,000 can be claimed at the Columbia, Greenville or Charleston Offices. Note: Claims for the jackpot will be processed within 2-4 weeks.

• All Powerball® prizes must be claimed within 180 days from the date of the drawing.

“Have fun. Play Smart. Play Responsibly.”

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