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The lottery kicks off the football season with 3 n

Columbia, SC: The South Carolina Education Lottery (SCEL) released 3 new instant tickets today, Tuesday, August 6, 2002: Shark Cash, 7-11-21 and Pigskin Playoff. Players can find these new tickets in over 3,500 lottery retailers across the South Carolina.

Shark Cash is a very unique ticket to the SCEL. This is the lottery’s first cooperative ticket with another agency. The SCEL and the South Carolina Aquarium have teamed up with this new instant ticket. With this ticket every player is a winner. Each ticket is a winner of either a $4 off coupon to the South Carolina Aquarium, a family membership to the Aquarium, or up to $2,000.

To play Shark Cash, the player scratches off the entire play area. Get 2 like amounts, win that amount. Scratch BONUS BOX for a chance to win a family membership or $4.00 off admission to the South Carolina Aquarium. The top prize is $2,000.

Lottery players can now scratch three games for the price of one with the $2 dollar game, 7-11-21. The top prize in this game is $21,000. There are 3 different games on this card. Start by scratching the entire play area. In game #1 if you find a 7, 11 or 21 in the box you win the prize shown. In game #2 if you match any of YOUR NUMBERS to the winning number, then you win the prize shown for that game. For game #3 if you get three "7s" in a row like tic-tac-toe (straight, horizontal, or diagonal), then you win the prize shown in the prize box for that game.

The third ticket being launched this month is Pigskin Playoff. The top prize in this game is $14,000. The player scratches the entire play area. If YOUR SCORE beats the VISITOR'S SCORE, then you win the prize shown for that quarter. Win the prize shown for each quarter in which your score is higher. Scratch the EXTRA POINT box and if you reveal a goal post symbol, then you automatically double all of the prizes won on that card.

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