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20 Pick 4 Tickets Sold in Charleston Win a Combined $152,000
5/9/2014 11:25:31 AM

COLUMBIA, SC (May 9, 2014) A lottery retailer in Charleston sold 20 Pick 4 tickets to a customer that won a combined $152,000.

The total cost of the tickets was $100, bought at Sky Mart III on Ashley River Rd. in Charleston.

While the winner declined to be identified, we can say tears of joy were shed over the win.

The winning numbers were 0 8 6 3 on the tickets for the May 2 midday Pick 4 drawing.

Each of the 20 Pick 4 tickets contained five plays, each play costing $1.

On each ticket two of the five lines of numbers were winners.

Of the two lines or plays on each ticket one winning line was played STRAIGHT, meaning the numbers had to match in the exact order drawn, and won the Pick 4 top prize of $5,000 for that line on each of the 20 tickets.

The other winning line was played STRAIGHT/BOX, meaning the numbers could match in the exact order drawn to win $2,600 OR in any order drawn to win $100 for that line on each of the twenty tickets. This second line played STRAIGHT/BOX also matched the May 2 midday draw numbers in the exact order drawn.

Added together, the two winning lines on each $5 Pick 4 ticket won prizes totaling $7,600.

The 20 tickets with prizes of $7,600 each totaled $152,000!

The Pick 4 odds of winning $5,000 by playing STRAIGHT and matching the four numbers drawn in exact order are 1 in 10,000.

The Pick 4 odds of winning $2,600 by playing STRAIGHT/BOX and matching the four numbers drawn in exact order are 1 in 417.

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