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Graniteville Homemaker Wins $50,000 Playing the Lottery
4/12/2011 9:26:34 AM

COLUMBIA, SC (April 12, 2011) – Kimberley Bloomer knows how to stretch a buck, make that 50,000 bucks. The homemaker from Graniteville won the money scratching a $2 lottery ticket.

With the winnings, she’s paid off the land she and her father live on, bought a used Ford, purchased a truck for her son and took care of her daughter’s remaining car payments.

“We splurged at Walmart too,” she added.

She told lottery officials she was going to visit her father in the hospital, when she stopped at Breezey Hill Curb Market in Graniteville. Bloomer’s been a regular at Breezey Hill for over 20 years, so when Jessica Curtis, the clerk on duty, saw her walk in, she picked Bloomer out a $2 Jumbo Bucks ticket.

“I scratched the ticket and got physically sick,” Bloomer said. “I cried, screamed and almost passed out. I said to Jessica, ‘Please tell me I’m not losing my mind.’”

“I was so excited for her,” said Curtis. “She comes in here most days and every once in a while she’ll buy a $2 ticket.”

Bloomer went running out of the store and drove straight to Columbia to cash in the ticket. When she got back home she surprised her father in the hospital with the good news.

“He’s now out of the hospital and doing well,” she said. “When I showed him where I had deposited the money, the color came back to his cheeks.”

As of this release, one top prize of $50,000 remains in the Jumbo Bucks game. Odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 630,000.

Breezey Hill Curb Market received $500, a 1 percent retailer commission, when the prize was claimed.

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