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What is Add-A-Play?

Add-A-Play is a group of Online Games that play like Instant Games but are generated by the lottery terminal at the time of purchase.

Official Rules

It is easy to play!

Match any one of Your Symbols to the Winning Symbol for that play, win prize shown for that symbol. You could win up to four times per play.


1. For an extra $1 per play, the lottery terminal randomly generates an Add-A-Play game ticket when you purchase one or more of these online games: Pick 3, Pick 4 and Palmetto Cash 5.

2. Add-A-Play play styles and winning symbols will change as new Add-A-Play games are introduced. Follow the directions printed on the Add-A-Play ticket to determine if the ticket is a winner.

3. Carolina Cash Add-A-Play prizes range from $2 up to $500. The top prize a player can win on one play is $500.

4. Players can elect to play up to five Add-A-Play games with the purchase of a Pick 3, Pick 4 or Palmetto Cash 5 ticket. Each one $1 is a "play". Up to five Add-A-Play plays will print on one online ticket. Each prize won on a single horizontal line of the Add-A-Play ticket is totaled for that ticket when redeemed.

5. Each Add-A-Play game is time-stamped when printed. Please verify that your ticket was printed at the time of purchase.

Add-A-Play tickets CANNOT be canceled.
Players have 180 days from the date of sale to claim a prize.

Overall Odds
Some prizes, including top prizes in each game, may be
sold out when an Add-A-Play ticket is purchased.

Sample Winning Ticket:
This ticket consists of five plays in which two of the plays won a prize. The first play (A) shown is a winner of $7. The fourth play (D) shown is a winner of $2. The total winning amount on the ticket is $9.
  Sample Non-Winning Ticket:
This ticket consists of two plays. Neither of the two plays won a prize.
Winning Example   Non-winning Example

Play styles and winning symbols may vary.


Claiming Prizes
Sign it Now! Please visit the Claims Centers page for information on claiming a prize.

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